gwyni (gwyni) wrote in musiconal,

what were all about

Hello community! I'm just going to brief you about what's going to go on. This is a icontest community oriented around Musicals!So all you musical lovers and icon making lovers out there, this is a place for you! This is our schedule-

Tuesday night, a new contest comes up. You get until Monday night at midnight to get your icons in. Then on Tuesday, the voting will start, along with a new challenge. This schedule is tight, but it's subject to change. We will start this schedule when we get enough members, so join please! We are open to all musicals, so if you have a suggestion for a contest, feel free to comment!

We will usually give you pictures to do your icons with. Sometimes we will give you a word. And some weeks, you might get special contests...but you'll just have to wait and see what those are....
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